Meet the Team

From our creative designers to our project managers and skilled craftsmen, the team at Icon Exhibitions are a fun, friendly and professional bunch that will pull out all the stops to meet our clients needs.

Each edition we’ll do a spotlight on one member of our team, and this time we’re featuring Icon’s newest recruit, graphic designer Alan Lowbridge.

Alan joined Icon in the summer of 2019. Having worked in both senior design and freelance roles, he’s been providing creative solutions for websites, illustrations and videos over the years, so is a great addition to Icon’s creative team.

Although he’s used many different software packages over the years, it’s the specialist CAD software that Icon uses to create detailed plans, photo-realistic visuals, initial 3-dimensional concepts and walk-through movies of exhibition stands which is his new favourite toy, so we’re keeping him very busy.

Well earned retirement for Pete Rowley

We’re sad to be saying goodbye to one of our carpenters, Pete Rowley, who is due to retire just before Christmas.

Pete’s worked at Icon for 15 years, but now he’s turned 65, Pete’s looking forward to spending more time in his garden, working on his flowerbeds rather than crafting bespoke items for exhibitions.

Pete’s worked in the exhibition industry since the NEC opened in 1976. In fact, one of Pete’s earlier jobs was as a shop and bar-fitter, and he was actually part of the team that worked on fitting out the refreshments areas in the NEC.  Since then, whilst working for Icon as an exhibition carpenter, he’s spent even more time at the NEC, building bespoke exhibition stands there, and at other exhibition venues around the world, for Icon’s clients.

Pete says: “I’ve really enjoyed working at Icon, as the work is so varied and the people are a great team to work with.  The best thing about working as an exhibition carpenter is that you never quite know what you’re going to be asked to make next.  I’ve been asked to make some strange things in my time, but probably one of the oddest things I’ve had to make is a replica cow’s udder!”

MD of Icon Exhibitions, Wayne Ball says: “We’ll all really miss having Pete around. He’s been a loyal member of our team over the last 10 years, and his carpentry skills and hard work have definitely played a part in helping Icon develop a reputation for high quality exhibition services.”

The team have presented Pete with a watch and tankard as a token of their appreciation of his efforts over the years.