BAE Systems 2 Case Study

The Show




NEC | Birmingham

Euro Bus Expo at the NEC, Birmingham annually attracts around 250 international exhibitors from all elements of the industry supply chain.


Working closely with one of its modular system manufacturers, Icon was able to provide the team with a stand that could be configured to fit each of the 3 different venues.
The aluminium system walling and panelling gave an innovative feel, and the bespoke product displays looked fantastic against the high-quality display finishes.
The stand included a fully serviced hospitality area and private meeting room, and a number of digital displays to attract interest from passers-by.
Utilising the same design and components at all 3 of BAE’s exhibition commitments kept its appearance clean, consistent and easily identifiable throughout UK and Europe, whilst making best use of the budget available.

Icon was tasked to create a custom stand, built with modular components, that could be used across 3 events that BAE planned to attend across the UK and Europe in the forthcoming 12 months.

Although the stand was to have the same look and feel across each of the 3 events, the exhibition spaces and orientations across the 3 venues were all different, giving Icon a challenge to make one stand work in 3 different ways.

For the past 6 years I’ve been in this role, you guys have done an incredible job and more importantly, with a smile and a laugh.
I couldn’t ask for a better team.

Phil Heighway for BAE SYSTEMS

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