Giosprite Case Study

The Space




Smart City Exhibition

Giosprite’s head office in Lichfield includes exhibition space for people to learn more about the technology that is being introduced around the concept of Smart Cities.


Working closely with its modular system manufacturers, Icon provided Giosprite with a solution that was lightweight, durable, reconfigurable and expandable, allowing it to be used as a permanent fixture in Head Office Reception, or utilised on roadshows and product launches.

The aluminium system walling and panelling and the bespoke product and counter displays gave the team the flexibility needed to display its various technologies. Each space was given its own LED lighting feature, with the ability to change colours at the push of a button, whilst interchangeable graphic infills allowed for each space to be branded in accordance with the technology on display.

Icon was tasked to provide the most innovative modular display system, that could be reconfigured into a number of layouts to provide the backdrop for the Giosprite ground-breaking Smart City technology and used both in head office reception and also at external venues.

As well as design, manufacture and installation, Icon had to consider audio-visual and lighting features to enhance the messages and effects.

Icon has provided us the perfect environment for the launch of our exhibitIon space. Great job guys, will be in touch for Phase 2 soon.

Anthony Brown for GIOSPRITE

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