Schneider Case Study

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Tech Talks

An opportunity for manufacturers to support the latest round of technical presentations by the NIC EIC team. A focused networking event with 20 exhibitors at 23 UK locations with over 3000 visitors.


Icon was able to provide the team at Schneider Electric with a manageable bespoke solution that was a combination of modular and custom components. The stand could be fitted on a single vehicle, allowing efficient delivery and collection, then easily taken to venue and set-up by their two-man team in less than an hour.

Icon included a number of bespoke product mounted display panels, some of which were powered to display the new Schneider hardware. In addition, the stand had dedicated areas for literature and to place give-aways, as well as useful storage space for show items.

Icon was tasked to create a custom stand, built with modular components, that could be used across 3 events that BAE planned to attend across the UK and Europe in the forthcoming 12 months.

Although the stand was to have the same look and feel across each of the 3 events, the exhibition spaces and orientations across the 3 venues were all different, giving Icon a challenge to make one stand work in 3 different ways.

The stand looks brilliant wherever it is installed, throughout the UK! The sales teams are very complimentary of the system and your team who deliver and install the stand at each event. Thank you all!

Claire Sandbrook for SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC

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